A better week

I'd have to say that yesterday was the best day I've had in a long time.  Mainly because I wore alot of amber and had no anxiety or frustrations come up.  I've also finished two books in 4 days.  They were on my kindle, so I'm not sure of the page count, although I think the second book was about 350 pages. 

Other things that went my way this week:
  • No children were sick enough to travel to the ped three days in a row, trying to avoid hospitalization (that was Colin last week)
  • Our furnace does not have mold in it (last week's discovery)
  • Our furnace did not break down (- twice last week - once being on New Year's Day.)
  • I did not spend the day in the E.R. due to heart palpitations (two weeks ago)
All in all, last week was a pretty crappy and stressful week.  Keith and I had big plans that 2011 would start out great, and yet we still woke up at 12:30 a.m. to the wheel popped off our furnace.  An hour later, Keith had it fixed.  Only to have us wake up in the morning to no working furnace.  Despite me being pretty cold (the kids apparently are immune to the cold because they kept stripping off their pants and telling me they were "hot"), we had a Toy Story movie marathon while my dad and Keith fixed the furnace. Basically I now know way more about furnaces then I ever wanted to know.

We also visited the aquarium last week.  The kids loved looking for Nemo and had a great time:

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