Don't forget...

Because I don't want to forget these moments:

Keira is scared of the real Santa and of fake elves.  Apparently she is also now scared of toy Santas as well.  And Santa ornaments.  My mom has a small tree in the living room that is decorated with only Santas.  Keira does not like this tree.  Yesterday, Mom had the twins because they have colds (which they graciously shared with me).  Anyway, there is basket of Christmas toys that can be played with under supervision (plastic snowglobes, Santa dolls, etc.)  Keira was immediately scared of the two Santa dolls, so my mom told Colin to follow her and they would put the dolls away so Keira wouldn't have to be scared anymore.  Colin said ok, and started to follow my mom.  My mom suddenly heard screaming.  She turned around, and saw Colin chasing Keira around, trying to touch her with the Santa.  Sneaky little fellow.

Mom called me yesterday, during the twins' naptime.  She said I would never guess where she found Colin.  At once, it dawned on me that Colin is supposed to be in the playpen, napping.  Apparently, he climbed out of the pen and into my nephew's crib.   Where he then found himself stuck.  I think my dreams of having the twins in their cribs until they turn five have been crushed.

It's not that my husband is anti-Christmas, he just is grinchy sometimes. ;)  But on Saturday, we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation together.  And on Sunday night, he turned on my other favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas. And actually sat and watched part of it with me.  However, when I suggested we branch out and watch other musicals together, I got a very nasty look.  Hee hee hee.

On my birthday, I was serenaded with three different versions of Happy Birthday by my three beautiful children.  Connor sang the entire song.  Keira sang "Happy Mommy" over and over.  Colin sang "Happy" and clapped. Then they ate their dinner of french toast sticks, while I dined on my favorite enchilada meal from my favorite Mexican restaurant. (Keith surprised me with dinner.)
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