A birthday post

Today is my birthday.  The nice thing about having a birthday on a Monday is that you get to have a birthday weekend!

On Saturday, my sister, mom, and I went to a Victorian Christmas (in a nearby town, there is an old house owned by the historical society and every Christmas, they decorate the house and you can tour it.)  The plan had been to have dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday and my dad's birthday (on Wednesday) yesterday.  But we figured he would be called out to snowplow (he was - he works for the DOT), so we moved it to Saturday night.  We had lasagna and then birthday cake! My parents got me a beautiful ring, along with a sweater and a shirt.  My sister gave me a brown sweater, some french vanilla coffee, and Lover Mine in paperback to add to my BDB collection.

On Sunday. as I was upstairs putting laundry away, I heard whispered voices downstairs. A few minutes later, all three kids came up singing happy birthday and giving me their homemade cards. (I kind of figured something was going on, since I heard the kids downstairs singing "Happy Birthday Mommy" and then Keith saying "Shhhh, be quiet" for about 10 minutes beforehand.

Today I came downstairs and Keith had my card sitting on the counter. He also gave me penguin socks and this:

Every birthday is happy when you give jewelry! ;)
I wasn't expecting it because he also ordered me a gym bag (complete with lots of pockets!) from Amazon.  It should be here in another day or two.  So this was a totally wonderful surprise!
The only thing that would make this day perfect is the knowing that Colin's cold is going to stay just a cold, and not turn into another episode that requires a hospital stay.  (Three stays in 2010 have been enough for me!)

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