Weekend Re-cap

Yesterday, Keith took the kids to his parents' house for about an hour and a half.  This was after our early morning trip to Urgent Care for Colin (pink eye, viral rash-thing due to always being sick).  Anyway, that 90 minutes allowed me to pick up the house and get it looking pretty nice.  One thing we did was rearrange the living room, in anticipation of putting up the Christmas tree next month.  Keith's next project (at our house) is to build - well it doesn't really have a name.  What we need is a place by the backdoor for the kids to store their coats, winter boots, and backpacks, as well as have a little place on top to put some bins I am getting to keep their school paperwork in.  It's going to be like a bench, but with cubbies underneath for the boots, and hooks behind the bench for coats.  So I hope he can have that done soon - as soon as I decide if I want it painted or stained, the dimensions, and such. 

Last night, after dinner, the living room was surprisingly still clean.  Connor looked around and said, "Should we keep it like this or get all our toys out?"  Guess what my answer was??? ;)

Keira is all about her babies lately.  She has a few different dolls that she takes care of.  She feeds them, puts them to nap, and changes their diapers.  Although, she insists on using her own diapers for her baby dolls.  This would be fine, but her dolls seem to have some stomach issues, because they poop all the time.  She gets the box of baby wipes (when we forget to hide it from her), uses about 5-10 wipes on her doll, puts a brand new diaper on the baby, then throws out the old diaper.  The perfectly good and still usuable on a human diaper because the only one who pooped in it was a doll that doesn't really do that sort of thing.

Colin is still working with his separation issues that he gets every time he has been in the hospital.  Which means, I cannot leave his side. Until this morning.  We were at my parents' house.  I told him I had to leave for work. He came over and hugged me and was getting sad.  I said, "It's ok, Bumpa (my dad) is here for you."  Colin literally pushed me out of his way to run to Bumpa. Well then, crisis averted.

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