When I got home from work, the kids saw the turkey pin I had on my coat.  They got really excited because they know we get to go up to Gigi's (my grandmother) house for Thanksgiving.  I'm trying to find an easy art project we can do this weekend so that the kids can make a centerpiece for Gigi's.

Last night, I went to my abs class.  I left to one child screaming for me.  That's normal.  I got home, and Keith told me that Colin quieted down a few minutes after I left.  Keith even went back in to check on him after he put Connor to bed, and Colin was happy in his crib.  I went upstairs to check on the kids, like I normally do.  No wonder Colin was so happy and quiet.  Kids that are naked usually are.  Pajama pants and diaper thrown haphazardly on the floor.

This morning, Keith took Connor to his mom's for the day, and the twins went to my mom's house.  They were happily eating breakfast before we left.  The thing is, on these rare moments, I get a glimpse of what life with two kids is like.  It's calm. It's peaceful.  It's not loud at all.  Keira was very helpful getting Colin his coat and hat. Then we packed up the miscellaneous items that Keira always wants to bring with her whenever she leaves the house. She put her bag on her arm, gave Colin a bag for his frog (Hermie the frog is visiting this weekend from school), and we headed out.

Normally we are an extended rear-facing family (the twins are two years, 5 months old), but in mommy's car, only one seat is RF.  (The other is FF for Connor.)

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