Building up my holiday spirit

I just had to do it.  I didn't mean too..... but I needed a little something, a little pick-me-up. 


I broke out the Christmas music.  Don't tell my husband, he will make fun of me.

I know, I know... it's too early.  Way too early...

But I needed some holiday spirit. 

And some calming music. 

Don't tell my sister, I just made fun of her last week.

I had bought a CD at Kohls a few weeks ago.  It was $5. 

Now, I love love love this group.  Their music is amazing.  And not only that, Keith surprised me with tickets to see them live last December when they came to Chicago.  BEST. SHOW. EVER.

We are on a tight budget this year, so I know we won't be able to go again... but I am putting tickets to TSO on my Christmas list for next year.  This year, what money isn't going towards Christmas for the kids is being put into the "let's pay off the stupid sewer pipe line repair and then landscape our front yard because the company trashed it with their digger"...

Although Santa, if you are reading this, they are in town on November 26. ;) 

Or you can drop this in my stocking:

The Christmas Trilogy (3CD/DVD)

Ok, now I swear I'm putting the Christmas music away until the day after Thanksgiving. ;)

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