Don't know if that is a sigh of relief or stress.  I'm on a short blogging hiatus this week, as I mentally recuperate from Colin's hospital stay (third time since March).  He was hospitalized on Tuesday for viral pneumonia and reactive airway disease.  He is home now, hopped up on steroids and albuterol, so while he doesn't act sick, he really is.

This is the third time in 8 weeks that he has been on steroids for this sort of thing.  We meet with the doctor on Saturday to discuss possible maintenance of this issue.  However, the ped said we are in for a long winter based on his health history. 

Prayers and healthy thoughts are appreciated, as well as wine and a gift card for a facial.  Those last two are for me, not Colin. I'm hoping my husband takes a look at my blog. *wink, wink*
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