Some Random Thoughts

I haven't been a good blogger this week - I was lucky enough to catch the stomach flu earlier this week.  But here are a few random things from the past couple of weeks:

Colin, my little non-speaker, said "Wub you" to me recently.  So sweet.

Keira, my little chatter-box, now tells her brother to "Go Away", when he bothers her.

Connor has apparently lost his hearing.  It comes and goes though. If you tell him to stop doing something, he can't hear you and continues to do it.  If you whisper, "who wants a donut?", suddenly it's a miracle and his ears work again.

Last night, I went to Party City and got Connor his Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween.  For weeks, he had been saying he wanted to be Curious George (that's what he was last year).  Then suddenly on Tuesday night, he said he just HAD to be Buzz.  Luckily PC still had costumes in stock.  Unfortunately, the jet pack is sold separately.  My justification for spending $29 on a costume - he will wear it quite often. ;)

Now I'm trying to figure out what to dress up the twins as.  Shockingly, Keira wants to be Dora and Colin wants to be the yellow Wiggle.  Did you know you can buy a Dora costume for $25? It includes a pink tshirt, orange shorts and a brown wig that my daughter would probably not wear.  I don't think so. We will make our own costume, thank you very much.  Unless I can talk her into wearing her cousin Lexi's old ladybug costume.  Then Colin can be a bumblebee or another sort of bug.

On Monday, I was pretty sick and stayed in bed all day.  MIL was with the boys at our house, and Keira went to my mom's.  On Tuesday, everyone went to daycare/work, but me.  I took a much needed "me" day to just lay around and rest.  That's harder than it seems.  But I found a great new show on Syfy on demand.  It's called Haven, and it's based on a story by Stephen King.  I'm addicted.
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