A Scary Story

Your regularly scheduled blog post has been interrupted for this true scary story.

Last night, Keith and I were watching TV last night, when the toilet in our bathroom flushed on its own.  Well it didn't really flush, more like gurgled, but I think it just sounds spookier saying it flushed on its own. 

Keith went to investigate, while I stayed behind.  It did it again, only this time water spurted up.  Which reminded me of the scene towards the end of The Lost Boys where one of the vamps gets killed in the tub of Holy Water, then the sink and toilets start exploding...

Turns out, it's the sewer line. Nothing says have a good night's sleep after calling Roto Router at 10 p.m. at night. 

Here's where things get really scary:

The guy's camera shows total blockage in our sewer line in the middle of our yard from tree roots.  (Our neighborhood is notorious for this.)  And the sewer line closest to our house is broken.  Which means:  our yard will be sh!t. Oh wait, it already is because sewage is leaking out in our yard. 

They have to tear our all our bushes and dig great big holes all through our front yard.  Doesn't that sound pretty?  Pretty scary!

The most horrifying part of this story?  It's going to cost us about $8,500.  That doesn't include fixing our yard back up or replacing the bushes. 


I think I'd prefer it if our house was really haunted.

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