Rock-a-bye Baby

I've said before that my kids are weird. Lately, after baths, I will take Colin into his room (he's usually the first one who wants to get out of the tub).  He is wrapped in a towel and has learned from his older brother that if he tells me he is cold, I will snuggle up with him to warm him up.

Well now, he also says: "baby".  Which means, I get to hold him like a baby and rock him, while singing "Rock-a-bye Baby".  But instead of baby, I have to use his name.  And at the part of the song where the bough breaks and the cradle falls, I have to make a largely dramatic impression of me falling over on the "baby".  Odd, but he loves it. 

And Keira and Connor line up patiently for their turns as well. 

Of course, like a minute later, they stop being babies and start running around like naked, screaming banshees while I'm yelling at them to get back in the room and get some clothes on.

However, for that one brief moment of time, I get to rock my baby again.  Without all the colic and sleepless nights that comes with having a real baby. ;)

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