Christmas Lists

The kids have been reading all the new toy catalogs that seem to magically appear in our mailbox around this time of year.  Currently, they are carrying around one that is just brimming with toys they must have.

Connor really really really wants Dance Star Mickey:

 Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey

He comes with a price tag of $60.  I've tried explaining to Connor that we already have Mickey Hot Dog Dancer:

Fisher-Price Mickey Hot Dog Dancer

but I was told that he only sings "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog", therefore he is not good enough anymore.

Connor also wants a new Buzz.  I reminded him that he got Buzz for his birthday and barely ever plays with him.  He responded with, "I play with him every day, just not today."

Keira loves Dora.  She saw the ultimate Dora house for a grand total of $70.  Furniture, dolls, and accessories come separatly at $6 or $10 a pop.  She told me that Nana is buying it for her.  I said, "Sounds good to me!"

She also said that she wants a Princess Belle Doll.  However, she refers to both Tinkerbell and Belle of Beauty and the Beast as Belle, so I don't know which one she wants.

Colin has the best list of all.  Out of the entire catalog, he chose....

110cc Four Wheelers 6" Tires Atvs, Black

Dance Star Mickey is looking pretty good right about now.

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