Cemetery Walk

I went on my first-ever cemetery walk on Wednesday night.  It a local cemetery, and as we walked around, we were greeted by four "dead" people who gave us a history lesson on the town.  It was a lot of fun. 

This isn't the first cemetery I've visited for fun, but this is the first time I've felt so at peace in one.  Obviously this one wasn't truly haunted. 

Years ago, I was able to visit a haunted cemetery.  It's located outside of Chicago, and is called Bachelors Grove Cemetery. 


I've never scanned my pictures (I visited before the days of digital cameras), but there were some weird things on the pictures.  There were glowing balls on some of my pictures.  Whether or not it was ghosts or just a trick of the setting sun, you cannot help but feel unsettled as you roam through the cemetery. 

This amazing photograph was taken at Bachelor's Grove in 1991 on
an investigation by the Ghost Research Society using infrared film.
There were no people around at the time the film picked up this woman.   
The cemetery is closed to the public and is very run-down.  I don't recommend going there alone, or even in groups at night.  Pick a nice sunny day.  Even then, you will still feel that something isn't right there.
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