You know you are a working mom when.....

Before I start playing along with Julia at Work, Wife, Mom...Life, I thought I'd mention Colin.

RSV in March +  reactive airway disease in July = wheezing and 48 breaths a minute in September. 

Monday night found us in Urgent Care, having his O2 levels (it was 95) and his breathing (wheezing) checked.  We came home with albuterol, steroids, and an antibiotic.  But the most important thing: we got to come home! Rather than spend another night in the hospital, like we did the past two times he had respiratory issues. I am very thankful to all my facebook and twins club friends who prayed for us. (Also, in an attempt to be overly prepared, I actually packed a bag for the hospital should it come to that.  That might have helped too.)

Ok, so over at Working Mommy Wednesday, we've got two prompts:

1. You know you're a working mom when....

2. A time you said something inappropriate (a bad joke, a snarky remark, a comment to your boss, etc.)

I went with the first one:
You know you're a working mom when...
  • You get to work and pull your nice boots out of your bag.  You find 3 crayons, 2 race cars, and some cherrios stuffed inside.
  • You are almost to work when you realize that the whole time, the Wiggles CD has been playing and the children are at daycare.
  • You go to work with a Mickey Mouse bandaid on your finger.
  • Halfway through the day, you look in the mirror, and realize you have oatmeal on your shirt.
  • Included on the list of important numbers on your bulletin board are the pediatrician and daycare.
  • You are very grateful that your husband takes the kids to daycare/school in the morning, because that means you actually get to be alone in your house for about 30 minutes.
  • You go to work when you are sick because you need the rest.


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