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  • My facebook status last night read: "went to check on Colin who was fussing in his crib. Then went to cover up Keira & noticed she was naked."
  • In my head, I'm already preparing for Hallowe'en. It's the best time of the year.  I had a credit for Amazon that I used towards this book:
The Book of Hallowe'en
                                                                  I can't wait to read it.

  • Our plan was to go to the zoo this weekend, with my sister, my niece and my parents, but due to this stomach bug that is making it's rounds, I'm not too sure.
  • Connor seems to be better at school, at least he was yesterday.  However, he told me he can't brush his teeth there because he doesn't like it.
  • In my head, I've convinced myself I am getting sick, but I think it's just the anxiety talking.
  • I treated myself to some new corduroys from Old Navy this weekend.  Most of my work pants are too big now.  I also splurged and used up the rest of LAST year's birthday cash and bought a pretty purple sweater:
  • Speaking of birthdays, Keira loves singing "Happy Daddy" (her version of the birthday song) to Keith.  Even though his birthday was over a week ago. I had to sneak and take down the decorations over the weekend and they had a fit when they realized they were gone. 
  • Colin's been in speech therapy for a few weeks now, and I've already noticed a big improvement in his vocabulary.  Favorite words are: mine, me, no, and mine.
  • Keira has learned a new phrase: DON'T TOUCH!  (said with lots of enthusiasm).  She will put a toy down, tell Colin "DON'T TOUCH, then walk away.  Colin, who will be the death of me, will walk over, very sneaky like, and pretend like he is going to touch it, just to hear her scream!
  • Connor and Keith built a bug box last week:
       Please excuse the mess. 
Apparently the garage is "Keith's area", and he doesn't care how messy it gets.
Or how long it takes for him to find something because there is no organization whatsoever in there.
It's like a big saw-dust covered black pit.

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