This little girl

is going to be a smart one like her Mommy.

I can see it in her eyes, in her attitude, and in her cute little voice.

She knows all the words to Twinkle, twinkle; Are you sleeping; the ABC song; to name a few.  She speaks in two, and sometimes three word sentences now.  She likes to point out who are boys and who are girls.  When you try to dress her, or change her diaper, she tells you: I do.  She is on her way to being potty-trained.  She loves to help you do things, and carry a purse, and play with her babies.  She loves loves loves Dora. And "Bell" which refers to both Tinkerbell and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

She collects her favorite things, and tells her brothers: Mine. If they try to take something, she screams and goes to bite them or hit them to protect her precious goods.  BUT if you say to her: Keira, can you please share that? She stops and says: Share. I share. Then politely hands the toy over, usually with a "thank you" involved.  (She likes to thank people even when they are the ones who are supposed to be saying thank you.)

We had her tested recently to see if she would qualify for PT through Early Intervention.  Currently, she sees a private PT for her low muscle tone and her right leg issues.  I didn't think she would qualify, being that I knew she was not 30% delayed, but we thought EI would be a better option for us right now (due to scheduling issues with the private place).  Both the developmental and physical therapists were very impressed with her.  She did not qualify.  But we did find out that she has, at 26 months of age, the development of a 30 month old.  I've got such a smart little girl.



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