Like I said, last weekend we went to the zoo.  Normally we do not go into the animal houses because we can't take strollers in and once the twins experience freedom, they don't want to let it go.  But this time, we had my parents, along with my niece, who really really really wanted to see the Australia House.  The first room had info on Austrailia and its animals.  As well as a statue of a wombat head sticking out of the fake Australian desert.

My mom called the twins over to see the FAKE animal.

They screamed! They ran away! Keira went to my dad, who had to carry her through the rest of the exhibit.  Colin found me quickly and I had to carry him as well.

We headed to the next part, which included live wombats, which again freaked out the kids.  The next animal was an echnida, which looks just like a porcupine, but has shorter quills.  I kept hearing Keira say "scared, scared".  Colin just grabbed my shirt and held on tight.

Fast forward to home that night. I was reading the twins their books before bed.  A favorite is a board book with animal pictures.  Colin was flipping through and started pointing at something.  It was a camel, so I mentioned how we saw the camel at the zoo.  Then both the twins started to (fake) cry - yes they can do that -  at the picture next to the camel.  It was a porcupine. 

They both are saying "scared, scared". Keira stands up and says, "Bumpa! UP!'  Colin says, "Mommy!" and grabs me tighter.

Seriously. It's a book. It's not like the animal was there in the room with us.

Not only that, but they continued to turn the pages back to that one picture and repeat their "scared" antics.

This has now become a nightly ritual.

My kids are so weird.
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