I can't like school

Last week was a stressful one.  Connor, who loved going to school the previous two weeks, had apparently changed his stance on the subject. 

Keith takes all the kids to daycare/school because it's a block from his work.  The children all go into one room for the early morning snack, then later, Connor goes to his classroom.  Keith always sends me a text or will call me when he is leaving the school.  This usually happens around 6:40-6:45.  By 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning, I was getting worried.  Turns out, Connor had a fit when Keith tried to leave.  He cried.  Which in turn upset the twins, who then cried as well.


Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same.

At night, Connor would seem ok with going to school.  On the car ride there, he would be ok.  But he would suddenly change his mind once Keith tried to actually drop them off.

Yesterday went better than last week, at first.  Then Keith called me to say that he left two screaming two-year olds and one crying four-year old.

I had low hopes for today.

Keith called to say, all went ok.  Until............ he broke the cardinal rule of daycare drop-off.  Because he was so surprised that no one was crying or upset when he left, he peeked his head back in the room.

Then had to quickly run away to the sound of the twins bursting into tears.

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