A funny story

I can laugh at this because it was not my kid:

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my parents, my sister and her two kids.  Reid just turned one at the end of July.  He was in the back of the double stroller, which my sister pushed between two other strollers to park it outside of the dolphin exhibit. 

We informed her that you could take strollers in, so she backed it out again and we went in.  She was further down from the rest of us, and all of a sudden I look over to her holding a half-empty orange soda bottle that Reid had been playing with and chewing on.

She kept saying, "IS THIS YOURS?" to each member of our family.

None of us drink orange soda.

Apparently Baby Reid had swiped the bottle from someone else's stroller.

Our next outing will be to a jewelry store, where we hope he will steal something of value, rather than a gross, germy pop bottle.

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