The Wiggly Circus!!!

This past weekend, the Wiggles were in town! 
We took the kids, along with my sister and niece, Alexis, to the show.  I have to say, they put on a great show, even minus Murray (the red Wiggle), who was back home in Australia dealing with a family thing.  He was replaced for the show by a guy named Ringo, who did exceptionally well in his place.  They really seem to love what they do AND they make it fun for the parents as well. 

I was a little nervous because the kids had never been to something like this before, but they did great.  Colin, my shadow, stayed with me most of the time, but he clapped along and was happy to see everyone, especially the Yellow Wiggle (yellow is his favorite color!).  Keira was bouncing up and down and dancing in the aisle quite a bit as well.  Connor liked to sit back and enjoy the show from his chair, although he was out in the aisle a bit too.

Yes, we dorkily dressed our kids to match the Wiggles.
They loved it!

Ann and Lexi
The start of the show

He is my favorite. ;)
Colin clapping

He was not happy to say cheese.

Giving roses for Dorothy and bones for Wags
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