Thank you daycare

Last week, the twins moved up a classroom at daycare, to the 2-3 year old room.  This is also known as the potty training room.

However, no one told me this.

On day one, they were put on the toilet about 4 times to start intense potty training.  They also sent home a pack of their diapers with a note stating we need to start sending pull-ups instead.

This is all well and good for daycare; for me - not so much.

I am now left with two kids who do not feel they need to wear diapers anymore.  I spent part of Sunday chasing naked kids around because they kept throwing their diapers down the stairs.

And they want to go potty all the time.

By potty, I mean they want me to take off their pants and diapers and sit on the toilet for a minute.

They don't do anything but smile and laugh.

Colin then freaks out until you put his diaper on him again.

And then he pees.

And then he needs a NEW diaper.

Plus Connor has to be in on the bathroom action. So there are 3 kids and me crammed in the bathroom.  And it gets hot in there.

And loud, because they have realized that with the door shut, their screams echo.


It's not that I want them to be in diapers forever.  It's expensive diapering two kids at once.  But your whole way of thinking changes once your kids aren't in diapers.  You've got to get everyone "to go" before you leave the house.  Even if they "just try".  That's going to add at least 10 minutes on to our regularly scheduled departures.  Then, when you are at your destination, that is two more kids who need potty breaks.  And if they are anything like Connor, they have to touch everything in the God-forsaken gross bathrooms.  If it's me out alone with them, that's me and three kids crammed into the handicapped stall in a germy place.

So thank you daycare for thrusting this upon an unsuspecting and un-ready mother. 

Although my bank account will soon thank you because we spend like $50 a week on diapers.


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