Cailou Pizza

Connor loves Cailou.  I, on the otherhand, find him whiney and annoying. (Cailou, not Connor.)

However, Connor talks about Cailou like they are friends.  He also talks about how much fun Cailou has at playschool.  We also talk about how Cailou is kind to his sister and his cat, etc. 
So the whiney, annoying, creepy bald kid is actually a good influence on him.

A couple of weeks ago, Connor asked if we could make pizza like Cailou did.  Connor is a picky eater and has never asked for any food item other than oreos and ice cream.  I jumped at the chance to make something healthy that he would eat.  He even asked if we could put mushrooms on it because that's how Cailou likes it. 

OF COURSE! I responded, all the while thinking finally he is eating a vegetable that isn't fried...

Daddy and Connor with the toppings.


Now, did he eat any????
Of course not.

"I can't like mushrooms, Mommy. No pizza for me."

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