The top 5 things I say to my children every day

Over at Work, Wife, Mom... Life, there is a great thing called Working Mommy Wednesdays. 

What are the top five things you say to your children every day?

  1. Colin, get off the back of the couch/top of the train table/coffee table. 
    This one is self-explanatory.
  2. Quit throwing food on the floor or you will go back in your highchairs!
    We are trying to transition the twins from highchairs to boosters at the kitchen table.  They are very excited about the move, so excited in fact that food fights take place every night and then I spend a half hour cleaning up the floor.  This comment is usually followed with, "Stop throwing food at Mommy while she is cleaning up your mess!"
  3. No Colin we are not watching the Wiggles right now.
    Colin can't talk, but he can sign for the Wiggles.  All the time.  Seriously, that boy is addicted.  He is going to be so happy next month when we go see them live.
  4. Stop trying to wash the cat with a baby wipe.
    Again, self-explanatory.
  5. Mommy loves you.
    This is my favorite one.

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