The one thing I hate about motherhood...

... is memory loss.

I used to have an awesome memory.  But sometime after having the twins, it's like it was sucked out of me.  Perhaps it was.  When I was pregnant with the twins, they took all my iron.  All of it. 

The ob told me I needed to add an extra cheeseburger or two a day to my diet.  Not that I minded.  Those sausage egg mcmuffins are actually filled with lots of protein, another thing the twins stole from me...

Then I nursed them for six months.  And they stole more of my nutrients.  That was about the time I noticed my memory was going too.

Thieves.  Cute thieves, but thieves nonetheless.

And now, I live by my to-do list.  If it's not in the planner or on a list, it doesn't exist.  At least in my mind. 

I should mention that while I have a heck of a time remembering things to do, people to call, or switching from flip flops to sandals before heading out the door to work, I do excel at remembering the words to all the Wiggles songs, theme songs from Playhouse Disney, books such as Down by the Station or Goodnight Moon, what the children weighed when they were born, how many doses of motrin each child had last week while sick, and other seemingly random items that will not help me with life when I am older.
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