Lost and Found

I'm playing along with Leigh today:


Now that my life is pretty much ran by being a mom, there are things that I miss. 

I miss painting my nails. 

I miss quiet, sunny peaceful mornings at home, savoring the silence. 

I miss using my fun purses (I used to switch out my cute purses almost daily to match my outfits (or those painted nails) mainly because I could.

Today I was able to get a little of that back.  The twins went to daycare at 6 a.m. with Keith.  MIL came to get Connor a little early and they headed back to her house to wait for the cable guy.  I had 15 minutes to be totally alone in my house.  This is not something that usually happens.  In fact, it so rarely happens that I usually need a couple of minutes just to absorb the fact that the house is so quiet. 

15 minutes:

Painted nails - check

Sitting in the quiet house, listening to the birds chirp outside - check
Cute pink purse (to match my nails) - check

And for kicks, I had enough time to stop at Starbucks and treat myself to an iced dark cherry mocha.


This post is brought to you by Sarah's quest for sanity.  She has realized that a happy mommy equals happy children.  Therefore she has no qualms about doing random and dorky things to make herself happy, such as matching her nail polish to her purse. 


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