Getting back to me

One of the things that has gone by the wayside after having kids is something that I didn't even realize I missed.  I used to make beaded jewelry.  In fact, I have a necklace that I made back in freshman or sophomore year of high school, so I've been doing it since 1995. Wow, that makes me feel old.

A co-worker asked me to make her a bracelet, similiar to one I made her back in 2004.  When we went to New Orleans on our honeymoon, I visited a few shops and brought back a ton of beads.  This co-worker had a friend pick her up some new beads and asked me to string them for her.  As I pulled all my beading stuff out of the crawl space, I started going through what I had.  I have a ton of beads.  Like hundreds of them, sitting in plastic containers, with no place to go.

So, in the past two days, I have made 3 pieces.  For myself, of course, but I am my own best customer. ;)

I'm a stickler for using the real thing, but I do admit, the bracelet on the left is not real turquoise.  I found some pretty aqua-dyed howlite at Michaels (on sale!) so I used that.  I prefer to use real semi-precious stones in my work, rather than knock-offs. 

I'm playing today with Leigh at her happiness project.


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