Black No. 1

First off, an update on Colin:  he is doing wonderfully since he came home from the hospital.  We are down to 2-3 breathing treatments a day.  He hates them of course, but they are helping him breath better. 

Second, today at Mama Kat's, one of the writing prompt is to write about your wedding song.  What was it and why did you choose it.

I love talking about my wedding.  I loved each and every minute of it.  Two things to know about me: I love Halloween, and I love New Orleans.  We planned on a Halloween wedding; however, the Catholic church in my area does not do weddings on Sundays, and Halloween in 2004 was on a Sunday.  So we moved it to Saturday, October 30.  Which worked out well because we went to New Orleans for our honeymoon and there is nothing better than Halloween in New Orleans! 

I went with fall colors, flowers and decorations.  The centerpieces were pieces of autumn beauty.  But then came the fun part - the Halloween stuff!  The place cards weren't numbers, rather they were Halloween characters - vampire, werewolf, mummy, pumpkins, etc.  We had ordered some pumpkin shaped fondant pieces for the cake, and I had found a jack-o-lantern shaped salt and pepper shaker set at Cracker Barrel - we put a little veil on one and a top hat on the other and those were our wedding cake toppers.

For the first hour, we had the DJ play Halloween music and the bridal party walked in with the theme from Friday the 13th playing in the background.  However, when it was time to pick our wedding song, we had some trouble.  Keith wanted something in keeping with the theme.  That was fine with me, but it was hard to find a good song. We looked through Keith's CD collection, but Slayer and ICP don't really make romantic ballads.  Somehow, one of us suggested Type O Negative's Black No. 1.  Now, technically, not really a romantic song for most people.  Type O is kind of a heavy metal band with heavy gothic tones.  Their music is filled with dark, haunting melodies.

The song itself talks about vampires and Halloween.  So it was perfect for us!

Sample lyrics: 
Now it's All-Hallows eve - the moon is full
Will she trick or treat - I bet she will

Sure there are times when I think back and wonder why we didn't pick a more familiar song, something poppy, that you can turn on the radio and hear today.  But then I remember:

1 - We aren't pop music kind of people.  I only know who Lady Gaga is because people make fun of her.
2 - The music fits us.  We wanted a Halloween wedding, and we got it.

Sometimes it's hard being different.  Sometimes it's not.

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