Working mom + no babysitter =

FUN!  :)

My mom was supposed to watch Connor yesterday, while the twins were at daycare.  However, my niece, who lives with my mom, has the stomach flu.  Yuck.  Don't want it ever again to grace it's presence at my house.  It's bad enough Keira was at my mom's on Monday, playing with my niece. 

Fingers crossed, prayers said, wishes made that we don't get the flu too.

Anyway, my MIL was able to watch Connor for the morning, but had an appointment in the afternoon.  I wasn't sure what to do.  Tuesday, before I knew about Lexi, I had used up my last personal time of the year (I work at a college - our year runs from July to June), so I nicely asked my boss if I could use vacation time on Wednesday (technically we are supposed to go through the process of requesting it weeks in advance, but being that I had no childcare, I didn't have an other option.)

I left work at noon and headed to MIL's to get Connor.  I had told him we were going to do something fun, a surprise, if he ate a good lunch.  I treated us to McDonalds, because well, what else would I get, but a large coke for myself.  Mmmmm, I love me a fountain coke from McD's!    Connor actually ate about 5 bites of his burger, all the cheese, and some fries.  For Connor, that is an awesome lunch.  (He truly is a picky eater.)

After we cleaned up, we headed to a local zoo.  It's at a park, there are about 8 kinds of animals there, it was filled with no less that 8,000 people, most of whom were white trash. 

The best was this lady (I heard the kids she was with call her "grandma") who had on a hot pink tank top, hot pink satin leopard print pants, and pink clogs.  Her son, was no less than 400 pounds in a too-small wife-beater; he spent most of his time taking pictures of the turkey and the chickens, while his baby's mama chased after the kids.

After the zoo, we headed to a park in our neighborhood that we had been meaning to check out.  Keira's PT told us that it was created for kids with sensory issues, and it was a way cool place for Connor to play.  The twins will LOVE it when we take them (hopefully this weekend!)

It was pretty warm out, so after the park, we headed home to put on Connor's swim trunks (Buzz Lightyear, of course) and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the sprinkler.  He even got to have his snack outside which he thought was really cool.

Hmmmm..... maybe I should have a "sick" babysitter situation more often.  We had a great time!

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