Will the twins' real father please stand up?

My husband shaves his head and is covered in tattoos.

The mail carrier is bald and is also covered in tattoos.

Do you see where this is going?

For some reason, our local mail carrier (usually I say mail man, but am trying to be politically correct and stuff), does not wear the typical mail carrier uniform.   Rather, he carries his shirt on his bag, and walks around the neighborhood in a sleeveless shirt. 

On Saturday, we had the front door open.  The mail carrier walks up to the house to deposit the mail.  The twins see the man walk up,  RUN to the door and YELL as loudly as possible - "DADDY! DADDA! DADDY!"

Mortified, I just walk into another room. 

I tried explaining to them that it was not their daddy, as they stand at the door, upset that "Daddy" walked away.  Connor said, "But it sure looked like him."

Upon telling this story at our Memorial Day picnic, my mother-in-law remarked to me (not once, but at least twice), "Well, he really could be their father, since they both look like you."

Yes,  I guess he could. ;)

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