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Weekend Re-cap

Saturday night, we went out to eat for my sister's birthday.  She is old now, according to the dental assistant's viewpoint, because she turned 30.  We went to Famous Dave's - which is a restaurant that serves awesome ribs.  There were pictures of pigs all over the place, which prompted Connor to call it the "pig place". 

Five adults, five children under five. 

All the kids were actually pretty good.  Keith and I rarely go out to eat with the kids, mainly because they are so little and we never know how they will act. Surprisingly the twins, who are not yet two, are usually better behaved than their older brother, mainly because he wants to get up and walk around, whereas we keep the twins chained confined in their high chairs. (Plus since the twins LOVE to eat, it gets pretty expensive for us!)

But dinner on Saturday night was a breeze.  The kids ate pretty well - except for Connor, who had 3 cobs of corn and an oreo, but that's a usual dinner for him. 

The main highlight of the evening were the balloon animals.  A woman walked around and asked everyone what they wanted.  Lexi got a unicorn; Connor got a brontosaurus; Keira, a flower, and Colin,  a T-Rex which he promptly began making growling noises and pretending like it was biting your arm.  VERY cute!

The balloon animals did have to go away shortly after returning home because they became less like animals and more like weapons that made loud popping noises. 

On Sunday, the twins and I took a trip to Target to get a couple of things, while Daddy and Connor went to SIL's to do some work.  I must be honest - because I work all week, and Keith and I are usually both home on the weekends, we don't go out a lot as one parent and multiple kids.  If I didn't work, I'd be doing more errands during the week and bringing the kids along.  But we find it's easier just to go alone on the weekends and leave the kids with the other parent.  But Target with the twins was actually fun.  They were really well-behaved, except for the throw the lovey on the floor over and over again game.  Then we stopped at McDonalds for chicken nuggets and fries.  The highlight of the afternoon - the twins love Connor's cup with the built-in straw.  So I bought each of the twins' one.  The boy's selection was quite poor - only had Lightning McQueen to deal with. However, Keira was in HEAVEN when she saw the Dora one.  "DOR-DOR!" she shrieked.  $9 later, I had two new cups.  Man, these kids are expensive!

Keira loved her cup so much, she asked for "wah-wah" all day long, just so she could carry the cup around. So the price was worth the happiness. :)


Quadmama said…
Like you, I tend to run errands by myself. Hubby and I have limited time off together, so it's faster to shop solo. Still, every time I take my daughters I have a blast. I try to take one of them with me once a month for some one on one time. A few weeks ago I took three of my girls grocery shopping (one wanted to stay home with daddy). It was quite humorous for me to see the look on people's faces when they said "Oh, triplets" and I would smile and say "no."
Annie said…
We run errands all together because my husband works six days per week and it's the only time we have to be together.

So glad the dinner wents well with all the kids.

Have a good week.
Unknown said…
Quadmama - I do need to start getting into the habit of taking at least one of them with me when I go. Now that they are older, it is easier to leave without having to have diaper bags, etc.

Annie - Having a husband work 6 days must be hard! My husband is starting to do side work at his sister's on the weekends, so I am going to be in the same boat at you soon.

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