My Summer Bucket List

I've been busy lately and haven't been keeping up with my blog reading like I wish I was.  In the past week, there was a blog in my reader that caught my eye, but I didn't have time to look at it.  But the title stuck with me: "My Summer Bucket List".  So that night, I went home and created my own summer bucket list and put it on the fridge so it would be easy to see.  It is a list of all the things I want to do this summer.  To me, summer runs from June to Labor Day (since we always have a picnic), so these are things I want to get done before then.

 But before I get into my list, make sure you check out Julia's bucket list, since she is the one who inspired me to do this just by her blog title.  Plus she is a working mom like me and her blog is pretty cool too! :)

My Summer Bucket List

  1. Visit the zoo (we have passes - thanks Aunt Diana!) at least 4 times
  2. Spend one of those times letting the kids run loose around the Childrens' Zoo and play area.
  3. Finish last summer's scrapbook. That's right, I said last summer. In the fall, I will focus on this summer's book!
  4. Day out with Thomas event with Connor
  5. Take Connor and Alexis to see Toy Story 3.
  6. The Garage Rehabilitation Project, which includes organizing all areas except for Keith's "work area".  Because all his stuff is covered in sawdust and I don't like getting dirty.
  7. Build playhouse for the kids. Keith already started digging up the area and putting in posts.
  8. Use the gym membership Keith is signing me up for.
  9. Take an impromtu afternoon off work again so that I can hang out with Connor.
  10. Train store with Connor for new train/Cranky as a reward for potty-training.
  11. ___Insert name of town we live in___ Fest.
  12. Wiggles LIVE!
  13. Twins' Room Re-decorating Project
  14. Connor's Room Re-decorating Project
  15. Read 3 books a month.
  16. Meal Plan for real. This is something I have a really hard time with doing. I will do a week, then stop.  Not this time!
  17. Develop plans for an etsy shop.  Did you know I make beaded jewelry? I got away from it for awhile, but I have tons of stuff just sitting in a box in our crawlspace that I'd like to see people actually wearing and many ideas in my head for new pieces.
  18. Finish knitting a scarf I've been working on.
  19. Do at least one new (and FUN) thing each weekend with the kids.
  20. Attempt a picnic with the kids.  With 2 newly turned two year olds, I'm not sure how well that will actually work out...
  21. Catch lightning bugs with Connor.
This list will be a work in progress, so as the summer goes along, I will probably be adding some more things to it.

So what's on your summer bucket list?
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