Leaving the house is always a big deal

I admit, I am a homebody.  Even more now that I have twins and it takes so much effing effort to get ready to leave the house.  Heck, it takes so much effort to just get 3 kids ready to go outside to play in the sprinkler; leaving the house is a feat in itself!

Last night was the monthly MOTS meeting through my local twins club.  As usual, it was held in a location 3 cities away (we have a large club that spans like 9 cities).  Most months, I do not go.  Sometimes it is because I work late, other times it's just because after working all day, coming home, dealing with the kids, house, dinner, husband, prep for the next day - the effort to actually get ready to leave, drive 45 minutes in rush-hour traffic is too overwhelming.  Drive 45 minutes to have a drink and dinner or wait until the kids go to bed, put on comfy clothes, sit on couch, have a drink and watch True Blood... hmmmmm, decisions, decisions...

  • 5 p.m. - Mommy gets home from work with a horrible headache from the humidity and felt like not going. 
  • Dinner was mac and cheese and hot dogs for the twins, french toast sticks for the boy. 
  • Daddy goes to mow the lawn. 
  • The twins were happy until they saw the french toast sticks. 
  • Screaming for them ensued. 
  • Made french toast sticks. 
  • Boy was happy, although he suddenly remembered that daddy had promised him fruity pebbles cereal if he ate two french toast sticks. 
  • Got him fruity pebbles.
  • The twins were happy until they saw the box of cereal.
  • Screaming for them ensued.
  • Got them bowls of cereal too.
  • Boy eats cereal.
  • Twins eat some cereal, dump rest to tray.
  • Colin has a blue fruity pebble stuck to forehead.
  • Keira tries on new hat bowl on head.
  • Suddenly both twins have sticky hair.
  • Colin thinks it will be fun to drink his milk, then spit it out.
  • Keira joins in.
  • Mommy wonders why it takes Daddy so long to mow the back yard.
  • Children are cleaned up, but left locked in high chairs while mommy cleans food off the floor.
  • Connor thinks it would be fun to scream. 
  • Twins copy brother.
  • Screaming match continues, while Mommy opens back door to make sure Daddy realizes how much chaos fun he is missing.
  • Kids get down, begin running around the living room.
  • Where the hell is Daddy?
  • Box of blocks dumped all over the floor.
  • A game involving throwing things up in the air is developed.
  • Child gets hurt during new game.
  • Kids continue running around living room and kitchen.
  • Child gets hurt running around - apparently the wall jumped out of nowhere.
  • Daddy comes in, but goes upstairs to change or something.
  • Mommy tries to switch the loads of laundry - so daddy has clean workout clothes
  • Child get hurts - doing who knows what this time
  • Mommy decides her headache is not so bad after all.  Besides a 45 minute drive in SILENCE should help.
  • In her attempt to quickly leave before children notice and/or another child gets hurt, Mommy puts on the pair of flip flops closest to the door and skips out.
  • Halfway to the restaurant, she is gripped with the realization that there were two sets of flip flops bu the door - one black pair, one brown pair. 
  • Mommy spends the rest of the ride praying that she is not wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe.  She's not, but she would not have been too shocked if she was.
  • Mommy enjoys a delicious martini made with black cherry vodka and a wonderful time with other mommies who know just what she is going through.
Additional note:  Mommy arrives to work on Wednesday morning, dressed in a skirt and heels for her afternoon meetings.  And a Winnie the Pooh band-aid on her shin.  Awesomeness.


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