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Kids and Creativity

I am playing along today with Leigh and the Happiness Project.

Here is our sand and water table filled with dirt.  The kids got busy with shovels and buckets a few weeks ago and took some dirt from the backyard and put it in their table since we had yet to fill it with sand. 

I'm thinking the dirt retrivial project happened sometime on Daddy's watch.

Sure they are filthy when they are done playing, but that's the point of summer: Having fun!

Thankfully though, the table is ready for sand now! ;)


Quadmama said…
I figure if they're going to be slathered in sunscreen and need a bath anyway, they might as well get as dirty as possible!
the Chacogirl said…
I had a hard time watching my girls play in the mud the first time, but it's so worth it! Have fun washing up:) Thanks for dropping by my blog!
Oh you're a braver mom than I. My poor deprived. I wont let them anywhere near a sand table, let alone a MUD table. (I have laundry issues.) But I have to admit, it does look like fun. I'll show my kids your kids picture. Maybe they can live vicariously;D
DIrt sounds like great fun and mess.
Actuary Mom said…
Looks like so much fun!
Unknown said…
Oh, i love the camo hat! My nephew is newly obsessed with his sandbox again! Messy, but cute!
leigh hewett said…
Messy is the best fun there is to be had!
Katherine said…
At least at the table, it feels like organized play. My kids found a stop in our yard where the grass was a little thin, and now there is a huge hole and a lot of mud. That also happened on Daddy's watch.
Annie said…
I agree, the most important thing is having fun.

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