I'm still a celebrity. And apparently kind of old too.

At the college where I work, I am not known by my job title.  Rather, I am refered to as "the one who had the twins".  Now my cute little twins will be two later this month - so why can't people learn my name?  Whatever.

The reason I bring it up is because yesterday at the dentist (it's a new dentist - only been there once before), the dental assistant and I were chatting while waiting.  She said to me, "So you are the one with the twins, right?" I'm guessing it was a note in my chart, because she also knew about Connor, and that I worked...

Now I didn't know that having twins was that big of a deal anymore.  Celine, Angelina, Jenny from the block - they all have twins, it's kind of the "thing to do" now.  Plus I belong to the local twins' club, and there are more than 250+ members!  So I can't be the only client with twins at this particular dentist office, can I?

Anyway, she asked me if it was harder to have two babies rather than one, and what it was like during the first year.  Turns out, her hubby doesn't want kids, but he told her they could have one someday, when they can afford it.  So she is hoping for twins.  Hmmm.....

But then she said the best part - "But I don't want to wait much longer.  I don't want to be OLD - like 30 - when I have kids."

Um, I'm 32.  Apparently they didn't list my age in her chart

I don't know what was worse - having two cavities for the first time since high school or being told I am old.

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