I'm playing along today with Leigh and the Happiness Project, because I need some happiness!

This is Connor and his new train set.  I had high hopes for Connor to be potty trained shortly after his 3rd birthday, so that he could start preschool last fall.  Um yeah that SO did not happen.  Fast forward six months, we try again.  Connor is a creature of habit.  Connor loves his diapers.  Connor no like pull-ups.

The first part of training went rather easily.  He learned quickly that if he wasn't wearing a pull-up and he peed, it was messy and cold.  But that second part, and I quote, "I only poop in pull-ups."


But mommy got smart.  Mommy used bribery, and mommy is NOT ashamed. ;)

I told Connor that we could go to the Thomas store and he could pick out any train he wanted.  He wanted Cranky the Crane and Harold the Helicopter.  He knew that once he was fully potty trained, he would get to go to the store.  After a couple of weeks, and just shy of his fourth birthday, he is now only using pull-ups at night.  And I'm ok with that.  He fulfilled his part of the bargain, so last Saturday, we packed up the kids and headed to the Thomas store. 

All I heard about on the drive was Cranky the Crane. 
We walk into the store and see the full train table all set up. 
Connor sees the Water Tower. 
"What's this Mommy?" 
I explain.
We walk over to the 3 walls filled with Thomas stuff.
I see the price for Cranky the Crane.
For a crane?
Damn it.
Whatever, I promised.
But then............

He sees the box for the Water Tower set.
"I want this Mommy."

We leave.
He is SO happy, the price tag is worth it.
Actually being potty trained is worth it.


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