Wiggles... here we come!

I first heard of the Wiggles because my niece loved to watch them.  I thought the men dancing around, singing to children were quite creepy.  But.... then Connor started watching the Wiggles.  He liked them enough to sing and dance to some of their songs.  I started to not be annoyed with their songs.  Then the twins were born.  Once they were old enough to really pay attention to the tv, I noticed that they really seemed to like them.  Colin especially.  He was so obsessed over the winter time, that we were only allowed to watch the Wiggles.  And he wanted them on all the time.  Not only that, but it couldn't be the same DVD over and over again.  He required a new DVD each time.  (Sure he can't talk, but he knows the difference between Wiggles DVDs!)  The Wiggles were on so much at our house that I would wake up at night with their songs in my head.

The Wiggly Circus is coming to town in August.  Because I am dorky cool like that, I am part of the email newsletter they send out with presale info.  I just made the leap and bought seven (5 of us, my sister and my niece) tickets. Expensive, hells yes.  But this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.  We dance to the Hot Potato CD every night after supper.  We make pretend fruit salad while Daddy cooks dinner.  Colin even requires all things he uses (toothbrush, spoon, etc) to be yellow.  (He loves Greg, the old yellow wiggle.  Not so keen on the new guy yet.)  And don't forget, in an earlier post, I mentioned how I can drive half-way to work before I realize that the Wiggles CD is still playing... and I've been singing along the whole time!

Three adults are taking a 5 year old, newly turned 4 year old (in July), and newly turned 2 year old twins (in June) to a theatre packed with a million other kids under 5.  Am I crazy?  Probably.  No.  I think they are going to have a great time. :)

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