What kind of day will it be?

Today sucks - just a little.  It's graduation at the college where I work.  Somehow, every year I get roped into helping the Graduation person out.  She gets no help from anyone else with set up, so I really don't mind.  However, this year is not the best time for me.  Sunday, I somehow fell down the stairs at my house and sprained my ankle
Don't worry - no children were harmed during this idiotic manuever.  In fact, no one/nothing was even in my way.  Apparently it was the first time I've ever walked down stairs.

So here I am, hobbling along around campus, setting up for this huge event tonight.  I am told I must dress nicely.
Nicely = heels.  Heels... sprained ankle.... working 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ..... awesomeness...

Not to mention, those damn kids got me sick again. 
Honestly, I love my kids.  I just wish one time when they got a cold, they wouldn't sneeze all over me and wipe their cute little hands on my face.

My head hurts, I can't breathe, and I am pretty sure I will lose my voice before the end of the day.  Did I mention my main job tonight is to be the main contact for the building where we are telecasting the graduation ceremony? 
I get to wear a headset and everything.  I kind of feel like Monica when she was Phoebe's wedding planner.  I've got a clipboard too! ;)  Well maybe it will be a better day than I think!  PMA!

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