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What happens when mom doesn't take a sick day?

Or... When I fall apart, I really fall apart.

A week ago Sunday, I fell down the stairs.  There were no children involved, no items in the way, nothing remotely possible to cause the fall except for me being an idiot.  But whatever. 

Anyway, around that same time, both the boys started with colds, coughs and fever.  No biggie, we are used to it.  Hit me with a fever of 105 in either of the twins, we just get out the motrin and move on with our day... it's so common for those twinkles.  Sprained ankle Sunday also started out with a tickle in my throat, which again - completely normal.  Kids get sick, I get sick.  No biggie.  Keira came home from daycare on Tuesday with a fever.  Of course.  On Wednesday, my throat hurt.  My nose was stuffy.  It was the day before graduation and someone was depending on me.  Sprained ankle, stuffy nose, whatever, I went to work.  Thursday was a 13 hours day.  I sat down long enough to eat some pizza for dinner.  Friday, although completely exhausted - more exhausted then I ever remember being even with pg w/ twins! - I again went to work, helped move tables, plants, chairs, boxes... getting the rooms back to the way they were pre-graduation ceremony...

So my weekend sucked.  Along with my cold that was getting worse, not better, I noticed on Saturday that I couldn't taste anything.  Nothing at all.  Which was when I realized, I could not smell anything.  Not even the bottle of nail polish remover I was using, a couple big sniffs of that and nothing... well nothing except a weird happy feeling..... ;)   I even tried a jalopeno pepper.  Nothing.

I can't remember the last time I felt that crappy.  So after Keira' PT on Monday morning, I went to see my doctor, only she wasn't available, so I saw her physician's assistant.  Now I have not had the best luck with PAs.  They tried to give me one when I was pregnant with the twins.  She had been out of school for 6 months and I was her first "twins" case.  No thank you.  She told me I had identical boy/girl twinsYeah sure, because that's how that works.

This PA was nice. I told her I had a sinus infection because my head hurt above my eyes, and that I couldn't smell, so therefore I wasn't eating.  She told me it was just a cold.  Really, a cold that lasts more than a week and never got even a bit better?  She looked at my ankle, which still hurts btw, and told me it's just a sprain.  Eh, I will give the pain another week then get an x-ray.  She told me I had wax in my ear and that they would clean it out so I could hear better.  Gross, but ok, I guess.  However, do I really want to hear all the screaming/crying/yelling that goes on in my house???

By noon, I was on my way to work. To two very important meetings.  Rather than take it easy at this point, I figure, I might as well go in to work.  It's peaceful there - no kids.  However, I still can't smell or taste.  I ate a cheeseburger and drank what I hope was really a coke from McDonalds.  They had used water to clean my ear.  Which then actually caused me to not be able to hear.  I kid you not.  The entire afternoon was spent with me worrying if I would know what was going on at the meetings because I couldn't hear out of my right ear.  Not to mention it was 90 degrees out, I was walking all over campus, was almost attacked by a  goose - not my first time either - finally got to my meeting.  I was in the bathroom, trying to shake the water from my ear, desperately hoping to not hit my head on the stall door in the process, because I didn't want to show to the meeting deaf and with a huge bruise on my face...  finally got to go home four hours later. 

Only to wake up on Tuesday with the worst pain ever between my eyes.  Like someone took a nail and pounded into my brain over and over.  After dealing with that yesterday, I had had enough.  This morning I called the PA and left a message, determined to get drugs or a lobotomy.  THANKFULLY she is off today, so my message actually got to my regular doctor.  After answering a bunch of the same questions the same way I did on Monday, she diagnosed me with a sinus infection. No sh!t sherlock. Now I am waiting patiently for hubby to go to the pharmacy and get me my meds. 

Side note - about 10 minutes after getting off the phone with the doctor, 14 minutes after answering the question - Do your ears hurt? I said no...  I was stabbed in my ear with an ice pick.  At least that is what it feels like.  Is this what an ear infection feels like??? Weird, there was no fluid in my ears until the PA looked in them.....


Annie said…
So sorry to read about your sickness. Try to rest.

Sending well wishes to your way.
Sadia said…
Sorry. :(

Yes, that's what an ear infection feels like. And "can't hear" is what it sounds like. You poor thing.
Quadmama said…
It's so hard to take care of ourselves when we're sick. I hope you're on the mend.
Unknown said…
Thanks everyone.

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