The Perfect Day

Mother's Day began with whispering in the next room. I heard it through the walls.  Then I heard the door open.  In walked Connor with a sippy cup of milk.  Keith carried the twins - Keira with a plastic mickey mouse bowl and spoon, Colin with the box of Chex (taped shut to keep hungry hands out). 

Breakfast in bed.  Toddler-style.


Of course it was easier to actually go downstairs to have breakfast.  Especially since Keith then went to get my favorite breakfast - McDonalds' sausage/cheese mcmuffin and an iced vanilla coffee.  :) 

The twins made me presents at school:

Connor made me this card:  (It says 'love you to pieces')

Keith gave me money and a note that said I can have a couple hours to myself.  Hmmm, what to get???  I am getting a Kindle soon.  Perhaps I will use the money on books for it, and then spend sometime at Starbucks all alone... drinking a dark cherry mocha frappacinno.  Have you tried one?  It's delish.

That afternoon, after the nap that didn't last long, we took the kids to my grandma's house.  Gigi, as she renamed herself after my niece was born, loves her great-grandkids.  After my grandpa died in 2006, Lexi (my niece) and the fact that I was pregnant with Connor were the only things keeping her going, she says.  Now she says she lives for the kids.  In five years, she's been blessed with a total of five great-grandchildren.  Gigi's house is always a lot of fun.  A lot of chaos, but a lot of fun as well.  My mom gave me a mug that Connor had decorated for me. 

We gave Gigi one of those stepping stones with handprints from each of her great-grandchildren. 

Why yes, that is my 86 year old grandmother, flipping us the bird.

The kids had a dance party:

We had pizza and chocolate cake.  Then we went home. 

And all the kids were asleep by 7:10 p.m.  Which meant mommy and daddy could enjoy some time alone.

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