My very own stalkers

There are 3 of them.  They are under 4 feet tall.  And they refuse to let me out of their sight when I am at home.

It wouldn't be so bad, but with all three kids clamouring for my attention all the time, it makes it a tad hard to get things done.  When I get home from work, suddenly I acquire 2-3 new leg accessories.  Keira wants to be picked up.  Connor wants to go upstairs with me to change my clothes.  Colin may or may not be interested in me if Grammy is still there.  However, once she leaves, then I am cool enough for him.  He will take my hand and lead me to what he wants.  Keira actually told her brothers the other day, "Mommy MINE!"

They are cute and all, but it gets old when they are standing at the bottom of the stairs, crying for me, when all I'm trying to do is put away some laundry.  Doesn't help Daddy's feelings either when he is right there with him, but still yelling for me.

The only reason I truly don't mind is because I know someday, they won't want to hang out with their mom.
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