A great new book


I've been in love with vampires since before I saw Interview with the Vampire (when it first came out - yes I am that old).  For a long time, my reading obsession was Laurell K. Hamilton's book.  But they started losing their plots in place of very long, very descriptive S-E-X scenes.  I like plot to my books.

When I discovered J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I was hooked after reading the first chapter of book one.  My life literally stops when reading about the brothers - the books are THAT good.  I've been waiting very unpatiently for the newest one.  My wonderful sister-in-law is a librarian and got the book for me.  I came home last night to see it on the table.  I was REALLY excited.  Hubby - not so much, since he knows I will be unavailable for conversation, as well as housework, after the kids go to bed for the next few nights. ;)


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