The bag lady

Keira likes to collect things.  She usually can be found with her arms full of, well basically, crap.  As she walks and drops things, you can suggest to her to use a bag.  She will say "BAG!" happily and go to the toy bin to get a bag.  Or three.  When she has her bags, she also wants to wear her hat or hats, depending on the day.  One day last week, I had to take her to my mom's wearing a pink and blue Dora winter stocking hat with a sun hat on top of it.  She is an odd duck.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of "the bag lady" as I like to call her.

Yes, that is a winter boot hanging out of one of the bags.  The other one is  on her foot. 
And on the other foot, one of Connor's crocs.  She likes to mix-and-match.

The contents of her bag(s) change from hour to hour.  It depends on whatever she is coveting at the moment.  Last night, she moved on from bags to a stroller.  I get home from work to find her, hat on her head, two different sandals on, and a bunch of crap important items in the stroller:

And don't forget the bag lady's twin brother:

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