You know you are a mom when...

  1. You drive half way to your destination realizing that the whole time, the Wiggles CD has been playing and there are no children in your car.
  2. You go to work with a Mickey Mouse bandaid on your finger.
  3. You make sure all three of your kids have outfits that match, the diaper bag is packed, coats and hats and shoes are all on, yet you are almost to Target and realize you aren't wearing a bra.
  4. You are so hot from running around and getting things ready to go that you aren't even wearing a jacket, so you can't cover up the fact that you are not wearing a bra.
  5. You have extreme interest in how the contents of a diaper look.
  6. You don't know what it's like to eat your dinner while it's still warm.
  7. You decide that since your husband is gone for the evening, it's easier just to feed your kids french toast sticks for dinner than try to make something.  You throw in a banana for good measure.
  8. Since you don't like french toast sticks, especially since this is the third time you've served them for dinner this week, you choose to eat the leftover Easter candy for your dinner.
  9. You know that it is easier to eat the leftover Easter candy on the stairs - away from the prying eyes of your children who will insist on eating it too.

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