Things I always want to remember about my kids

Or, things I should write down in their baby books but I never have the time to pull the baby books out of their closets because I am too busy chasing after them…

Connor – 3 years, 9 months:
  • Connor sitting on my lap, after getting yelled at for hitting his sister, and asking me, “You happy Mommy?’
  • Laying in bed with him at bedtime and Connor asking me to say prayers.
  • Connor being so excited to help his Daddy make dinner. “I help Daddy make dinner tonight!”
  • Connor asking, “What I help you with mommy?”
  • When you ask Connor if he is a big boy, he will say, "No, I'm Connor."
  • He told me the other day he played in the gym at school with "all my friends."
  • I needed to keep him busy one afternoon, so I gave him a large poster board and some crayons.  When Keith got home, he proudly stated, "Look Daddy at my project!"

 Keira – 21 months

  •   When Keira sees a hair tie in my hair, she will pull on her hair and say “pretty”, letting me know she wants a barrette. (And then Colin pulls on his hair and wants one too!)
  • She has had a word explosion in the past few weeks. She seems to “talk” nonstop.
  • She also loves to march around the house singing some song that she made up.
  • She is the culprit who colored on my stove door while her father was making dinner.
  • I call her the “hoarder” because she is constantly collecting things and carrying them around. Yesterday it was a flashlight, an etch-a-sketch, and a Minnie Mouse pez dispenser.
  • She loves to dress herself. As I was putting away clothes, she stole a Dora shirt and one with Winnie the pooh. I turned around and she had three shirts on. The two that she put on herself were pushed down to her waist. Combined with just a diaper and Dora sandals, she was such a cutie pie walking around.
  • Keira, pushed Colin, then hit him in the head for some unknown reason. Then, because he was crying, she went and found his pacifier and gave it to him because he was crying.

Colin – 21 months

  •  Colin is obsessed with brushing his teeth and going potty. Whenever he see big brother going potty, or just when the mood hits him, he will make a fuss until you sit him on the toilet seat. Not that he actually goes. But he does act so proud of himself.
  • Standing on a bucket. And when the bucket is removed, he walked over and got a diaper box that was in the kitchen and used that instead.
  • Lying in bed with us last night because he was having some sort of fit every time he was put in his crib. He apparently just wanted to be near his mommy. He held onto my finger until he fell asleep.
  • The impish grin he gets when he knows he is being naughty.
  • He loves walking around the living room wearing one Mickey slipper and one brown croc, both of which belong to his big brother.
  • Stealing his brother’s Mickey Mouse shirt and trying to put it over his head.
  • Taking his diaper off, then bringing it to me to put it back on him.
  • Colin is my little monkey.  I have fears of what heights he may climb someday.  Like the kitchen counter.  Or the refridgerator.

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