Sometimes I wonder about my husband...

I love my husband. He is a wonderful father. He spends time with the kids every day. On those rare occasions where he works late and they are in bed by the time he gets home, he talks about how it sucks that he missed seeing them. He cooks us dinner every night and even does the dishes!

However, on Saturday, I actually said to him, "If you weren't their father, I don't think I'd let you watch my kids alone."

I didn't mean it to be harsh. In fact, he even agreed with me.

The following event actually took place:

On Saturday, while the twins were napping, Connor got out his moon sand (it's like moldable sand) and was playing with it on the kitchen table. Some of it got on the floor, and some of it got on him. I stripped him down to his pull-up (potty training is a work in progress) in the kitchen. He asked to go watch "CARS". Keith was in the kitchen with us.

Me: Can you take him downstairs and put on Cars?
Keith: Sure
Me: And find him some clothes in the laundry basket on the couch.
Keith: Ok.

Keith and Connor walk downstairs together.

About 10 minutes later, I walk past the doorway and look down the stairs. There is Connor, still naked, sitting in his chair watching TV. I come downstairs. There is Keith, on the other side of the half wall, on the computer.

Me: What happened to his clothes?
Keith (looking at me incredulously): He must have taken them off.

I look at Connor. There are no clothes around him. Just the ones still sitting in the laundry basket on the couch.

Me: Um, did you get him dressed?
Keith: No, I mean, what?
Me: You guys walked downstairs together. He was not clothed at the time.
Keith: He wasn't???

Fearing for his safety, I walked back upstairs without saying a word.

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