Fostering independence, or something like that

There comes a time in every child's life where his/her mother/father/whoever has to step back and let the child play unsupervised.  Clearly, however, the time for my children is not now.  When you leave the twins and Connor unattended for more than 3 seconds, wonderous things happen.  Games, such as, "Let's see who can run on the couch the fastest" and "I can climb higher than you" take place.  Keira also enjoys "Give me back my toy or I will bite you" although she doesn't actually tell the sibling she is going to bite, you just see her lunge at someone with her mouth open.

I should mention though, that even when the children are supervised (by the parent who is not me), fun things happen too.  I came home a few weeks ago to a piece of beautiful crayola artwork.  On the front of my oven.  The drawing was created while the parent who is not me was a few feet away, making dinner.  Or when the parent who is not me was getting stuff ready for the bath and noticed that Colin had climbed into the water-filled tub, fully clothed. (Please note our children are NEVER left alone with a tub full of water.  We barely let them near the bathroom now that they all know the fun that comes with flushing a toilet.)
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