Conversations with Connor

It seems like in the past couple of months, Connor's verbal skills have increased ten-fold.  Enough to the point where I actually will ask him to please stop talking for a minute (or ten!) Here are some of our conversations:

Connor: Mommy, you go to work tomorrow?
Me: Yes, I have to go to work tomorrow.
Connor: Oh.  Can Daddy and I come to your office and eat Panda like last time?

(Last time refers to 9 months ago when Keith and Connor surprised me at work with Panda Express.)

Connor: Are the babies older yet?
Me: What do you mean?
Connor: When they are older, Nana and Bumpa can take everyone to McDonalds to play. They can't go yet because they are babies. And we have to take Nana's car and Bumpa's truck so there are enough seats.

Me:  Here are two Hershey kisses.  (Connor asked for some Easter candy.)  Don't tell Daddy I am giving you two of them.
Connor:  Okay Mommy.

Minutes later...
Keith:  Hey bud.
Connor: Hi daddy.  Mommy said not tell you I have two Easter candy!
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