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  • Colin had an appointment to have tubes put in on Wednesday. That's tomorrow. Now he doesn't. We've decided to wait.
  • Keira has her follow-up with her pediatric orthopaedist to see if anything/what is wrong with her leg. Why does her foot turn in? Why is her right leg weaker?
  • Physical therapy kicked us out of our early morning time slot because we missed 6 weeks of sessions due to legitimate excuses (HELLO? My kid is in the hospital, everyone has RSV - I thought I was doing them a favor by keeping a contagious disease away from all their other clients.)
  • Connor is really focused on all the candy that the Easter bunny will be hiding in the eggs. Um... apparently the Easter bunny must get to Target soon to buy some candy to hide in the eggs.
  • Keith's tattoo is almost fully colored in. I love it. Absolutely love it.
  • I spent way too much and bought the cutest sandals ever.


I got them in green. And I had a coupon and free shipping. And as soon as it's nice out, I'm wearing them all the time. All. the. time.

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