A weekend of ... happiness???

Now that it's Monday, I can safely post without having to knock on wood that we had one full weekend that was calm, relaxing, and illness-free (almost. Apparently RSV can last like 8+ days. And for the kids who didn't get hospitalized and nebulized because their cases were mild - Keira and Connor - their symptoms seemed to last a lot longer.)

Anyway, I almost said it last night - hey we have had a sick-free weekend, but then I didn't want to jinx anything. And the best part of it all --- both Friday and Saturday night, the kids, and I mean ALL the kids, slept through the night, therefore mommy got to sleep all through the night. (Let's not talk about daddy who went and got his back tattooed on Sat night, therefore sleeping for him wasn't the most pleasant thing! hee hee!) I think the last time all the kids slept through the night was sometime back in December.

I even got to go shopping (ALONE!) and bought myself a cute new lunch tote. I also found some footless leggings for $1.25 at Target so I had to buy those. And when I went to Carter's (I had to - both the boys had growth spurts over the last few weeks and I noticed their pants looked like they were ready for a flood), and with my coupons, I got 4 pairs of jeans for $3.98 each.

We are finally get the house back in order. It got a tad trashed over the past few weeks. I bought some new throw pillows for the family room. Our old ones were cute, but mix two babies with reflux and they ended up being covered in spit-up stains. Our family room looks liveable again, 4 months after the family room remodeling began. The new bathroom is beautiful and Keith finally got our desks set up, so I can start unpacking my office tubs that have been sitting in the crawl space since November. I can't wait to catch up on my scrapbooking.

Now if this feeling of wellness could just last for a few weeks - or say until next winter - I'd be very happy! :-)
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