Tubes, colds, fever virus, and pneumonia

All this in one weekend.

Keira saw the ENT on Saturday. He took one look in her ears and said, TUBES. Not that I was at all surprised. Her ears are still fluid-filled and full of infection. This same infection has been going on since the end of January. Her surgery is scheduled for March 8. One week from today. Nervous???? Who me????

The boys were quite sick and had high fevers, so we took a family trip to walk-in care on Sunday.

Colin has a fever-virus. I was thinking EI since his temps are 101-104, but the doc at walk-in care said his ears look great. This kid has had more fever viruses in 7 months than I have ever had in my 32 years. His o2 level was about 93-94, but his lungs sounded clear, so we were good to go.

As the nurse took Connor's oxygen levels yesterday, I noticed the number didn't go past 89. I instinctively knew. One breathing treatment and some chest x-rays later, the doc told me what I already knew. Pneumonia. Luckily, not a bad case, so we were sent home and follow-up with the regular pediatrician in a few days.

I too thought I should get checked out since I was already there. My cough is horrible. The nurse went to check my blood pressure. After seeing that '89' on the screen, I assumed my blood pressure would be quite high. ;) Actually the nurse got concerned over my low blood pressure. She wheeled in the triage bp machine to get a better reading. I must have willed my pressure to be higher because she was ok with the next reading she got.
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