Thank you St. Therese

I may have mentioned before that I gave Keira the middle name 'Rose' in honor of St. Therese, the Little Flower. When I was younger (and in Catholic school), I was really interested in the saints. St. Therese in particular. Basically what you do is say a 9 day novena to her, and she will send you a sign in the form of the rose. I've prayed to her many times over the years and usually will receive some sort of rose sign. (Once it was a rose on a Zippo lighter a friend just decided to give me.)

I always told her that if I had a daughter, I would honor her by giving my daughter the middle name of Rose. And I did.

Keira was scheduled to have her ear tubes put in on Monday. On Sunday morning at about 4 a.m., she woke up crying. She never wakes up in the night. Like ever. I just knew. Another ear infection. She was very crabby throughout the morning because she just didn't feel good. She had finished her azithromycin a few days before, so technically that should have still been working. But it wasn't. Then the fever started. I knew they wouldn't do the surgery if she had a high fever. And sure enough, it popped up to 103 pretty quick.

I called the ENT who very nicely called in a script for another antibiotic. Two doses later and the start of a novena to St. Therese, her fever was down to 99.8 in the night. Her surgery went off without a hitch the next morning. The doctor was talking to us literally 7 minutes later, telling me I was right about her ear infection (both ears, pretty bad). She was home within an hour and a half and went right back to playing with her brothers as though nothing happened.
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